Starting from the day you adopt your kitten, you have taken on the responsibility of caring for that animal. Each animal is special and we will tailor his or her health program to their individual needs and risks.

Wellness exams

All kittens should receive an exam after adoption. An exam by a veterinarian may reveal abnormalities that may not be apparent to owners.

8-9 weeks

Wellness Exam FVRCP(Rhinotrachelitis virus, Calici virus, Panleukopenia virus, Chlamydia virus) FeLV/ FIV test FeLV vaccine. Feline Leukemia is a virus can be passed by close contact, sharing food dishes, or grooming affected cats. Deworming to treat intestinal parasites and a fecal sample to test for parasites. The fecal sample will identify roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and giardia that can make patients sick. Some of these parasites can be transmitable to humans; children are at a higher risk for picking these up.

10-15 weeks

FVRCP booster FeLV booster Deworming

16 weeks and older

Rabies vaccine 1 year FVRCP booster FeLV Booster Start monthly dewormer and flea/ tick prevention, if patient goes outside or is in contact with parasites.


Wellness Exam

Vaccinate for Rabies (yearly) FVRCP (every 3 years) FelV (yearly) if outdoor or in contact with other cats. Continue dewormer and/or flea/ tick prevention depending on patient risks

Geriatric Wellness Plan

Annual Wellness Exam Comprehensive yearly blood work including CBC, Chemistry profile, electrolytes and Thyroid testing. These tests look for underlying diseases that with early diagnosis can help your pet live a longer healthier life. Urinalysis helps to evaluate how well the organs are functioning and diagnose some diseases. Vaccines depending on personal patient risks.